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media.faith.culture: Take Home


Micyael Hyatt - The Lost Art of Note-Taking


Sex (please see Take Home for the.sex.talk)

Self Injury (please see Take Home for  your story: the wounding embrace)

Zoe Chance - How much does it cost to make a hit song?

Penny Arcade - Video Game Addiction Part 1

Penny Arcade - Video Game Addiction Part 2

NeedHelpNow.ca - Self / Peer Exploitation: It's Not ok

CTV News -  Website aims to help teens emerge from the aftermath of 'sexting'

CTV - W5 - Inside the sexting sub-culture of teens


Doggie Head Tilt - Rx for ED?




Filtering and Accountability Software

Open DNS -The Worlds Largest Internet Secueity Network

X3Watch - The Keys to online integrity and Accoubtability

Covenant Eyes - Internet Accountability and Filitering

Net Nanny - We Protect Families

K-9  - Web Protection

Faith (Spiritual Discplines)

 Jeff McClung - Why Spiritual Diciplines aren't Enough

Carl Lentz - Worship

Tim Keller (book) - The Reason for God

Lee Strobel (book) - The Case for Christ

Lee Strobel (book) - The Case for Faith

1. Simple and Sacrifical Living

Bill Walker - How should we tithe?

Global Rich List - How Rich are you?

Christal Earl - The Complexity of Complicity

2. Solitude and Silence

New Wood - Henri Nouwen: Without Silence and Solitude "Our Lives are in Danger"

Michael Hyatt - The Practice of Stillness

Carey Nieuwhof - 8 Reasons Leaders need Solitude and 5 doable ways to find it

Debra K Fileta - The Perks of Solitude

Tyler Ward - Why we need to start taking the Sabbath Seriously

3. Sabbath

Mark Buchanan (book) - The Rest of God

Christine Organ - Taking a Modern-Day Sabbath

Kirk Winslow - Dignity, Freedom and Peace

4. Community

5. Service to Others

6. Worship

6a. Praise and Worship

6b. Communion

6c. Teaching

6d. Prayer

6e. Fasting

6f. Study

Jim Eliff - My Peferred Way to Read the Bible


Glo Bible - Experience the Bible like Never Before

Logos Bible Software

Olive Tree - The Bible Study App

Commentary - NIV Application Commentary 



Lecrae - Erasing Sacred / Secular Divide & Engaging Culture 

John Stott - Four Ways Christians Can Influence the World

Kary Oberbrunner (book) - The Fine Line

H. Richard Niebuhr (book) - Christ & Culture

Dick Staub (book) - The Culturally Savy Christian

Andy Crouch (book) Culture Making: Restoring our Creative Calling

Bob Briner (book) - Roaring Lambs

Good Articles

Psychology Today - The Marks of Maturity

Brett's Video BlogWant to hear directly from Brett? Leave a comment on Youtube.

  • the Sex Talk: A Christian Worldview of Healthy Sexuality | Parenting Tips
  • Christian Parenting | Child Discipline | Is spanking ok?
  • Is Masturbation a sin? Is it wrong?  |  Christian Worldview
  • Parenting Tips | Are clean versions (radio edit) of explicit songs ok?
  • Over Parenting | Is Fear-Based Parenting Negatively affecting our kids?
  • Mental health / Illness and the Church: Walking Wounded | Brett Ullman
  • The Most Underused Medication for Mental Health/Illness (anxiety)
  • Parenting Advice - Are you listening to your kids? | Communication Skills
  • Dating/Relationship Advice -10 Red Flags you should NEVER ignore
  • Christian Dating Advice/Relationship: Can I date a non-Christian?
  • Parenting Tips: 10 things our kids should consider before dating
  • Parenting: What age should our kids start to date?
  • Parenting Tips: Talking to your teens about technology: Video Games
  • Parenting Tips: Talking to your teens about technology: Music
  • Parenting Tips: Talking to your teens about technology:Television/Movies
  • Parenting Tips: Talking to your teens about technology: Social Media
  • Parenting Tips: Talking to your teens about technology: Cell Phones
  • Parenting Tips: When asked if you can drive anywhere ... say yes!
Johanna Carrey

“Every single church needs to have this man as a mandatory speaker. #walkingwounded in our churches need his message.” ~Cheryl Rowe-Mouland
Youth Director, Bradford, Ontario

Paul Braddy

“Brett has a unique ability to address some very sensitive topics in a way which is truly heard and absorbed by people from all different Christian traditions, ages and walks of life.” ~David Paisley
Elmira Youth Network

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Johanna Carrey

“Brett's honesty about his own personal journey and his ability to hammer home a biblical, relevant discussion on media, faith and culture has inspired our congregation to hear and see what they listen to and watch through a lens of truth. You need him in your church."Kevin Furtney
Lead Pastor First Baptist Timmins

Paul Braddy

“The message was powerful and the impact substantial. We are already making plans for Part II next year.” Wes Merta. Assistant Principal.
Strathcona Christian Academy

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