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the.man.talk:Take Home

Men as Husbands

Andy Stanley (DVD) - iMarriage

Mark Driscoll (online video) - Real Sex

Pastor Mark Reilly (book) - The Legend Husband

Stephen Arterburn & Fred Stoeker (book) - Every Man's Marriage

Fierce Marriage 

Men as Fathers

Mark Driscoll - 7 Ways Fathers Provoke their Children

Leonard Sax (book)- Why Gender Matters

Leonard Sax (book) - Boys Adrift

Men as Boyfriends

Hill Harper (book) - Letters to a Younger Brother

Please go to the "Take Home" section of the Dating Talk for more resources

Men and Sex and Pornography

Craig Gross (book) - Pure Eyes

Fred & Brenda Stoeker (book) - Every Heart Restored

Stephen Arterburn & Fred Stoeker (book) - Every Man's Battle

Stephen Arterburn & Fred Stoeker (book) - Every Young Man's Battle

Stephen Arterburn & Fred Stoeker (book) - Preparing your Son for Every Man's Battle

Dr. Kevin Leman (book) - Under the Sheets

Dr. Kevin Leman (book) - Sheet Music

Dr. Kevin Leman (book) - Sex Begins in the Kitchen

Wayne Goodall  (book) - Why Great Men Fall

Stephen Arterburn & Sam Gallucci (book) - Road Warrier

Men as Men

Jackson Katz (book) - The Macho Paradox

Stepohen Arterburn (book)- The Secrets Men Keep

Paul Couglin (book) - No More Christan Nice Guy

Richard Swenson (book) - Margin

Mark Buchanan (book) - Rest of God

All Pro Dad - Advice, Events, Family

Playground Dad - Spend Better Time

Men's Fraternity - Authentic Manhood

The Generous Husband - Daily Marriage Tips

Church for Men - Calling the Church back to Men

Bullet Point Dad - Trying to Help Dads

Courageous (movie) - Honor Begins at Home





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Johanna Carrey

“Every single church needs to have this man as a mandatory speaker. #walkingwounded in our churches need his message.” ~Cheryl Rowe-Mouland
Youth Director, Bradford, Ontario

Paul Braddy

“Brett has a unique ability to address some very sensitive topics in a way which is truly heard and absorbed by people from all different Christian traditions, ages and walks of life.” ~David Paisley
Elmira Youth Network

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Johanna Carrey

“Brett's honesty about his own personal journey and his ability to hammer home a biblical, relevant discussion on media, faith and culture has inspired our congregation to hear and see what they listen to and watch through a lens of truth. You need him in your church."Kevin Furtney
Lead Pastor First Baptist Timmins

Paul Braddy

“The message was powerful and the impact substantial. We are already making plans for Part II next year.” Wes Merta. Assistant Principal.
Strathcona Christian Academy

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