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Past Public Events

NE (Navigating Everything
MFC (media.faith.culture)
P101 (parents 101)
DFL (dating for life)
TST (the sex talk)
WW (walking wounded)
PP (the porn project)


Camp White Pine (Loretto Abbey Grade 9 Retreat) - Haliburton - DFL
St. Andrew Anglican Church - Alliston - NE
King's Christian Collegiate - Oakville - WW
City Gates Church - Pickering Village - WW
FaithTech Conference - Whycliffe College - Toronto
Immanuel CRC - Simcoe - WW
St. Maximillian Kolbe Catholic High School - Aurora, MFC
KindBound 2018 - Darien Lake, NY - DFL,WW,NE
Campfire! Bible Camp -Markdale - MFC
C4 Church - Ajax (Young Adults) - (WW)
MapleGrove Christian Retreat Center (Family Camp) - Thamesford
Sarnia EMC - Sarnia - (WW)
Redeemer Alliance Church - Orleans - (NE)
Strength to Fight Conference - The Met - Ottawa (tst)
Men's Conference - Braeside Camp
Reboot (RZIM Youth ApologeticCOnference) - Mississuaga (ww,ne)
Compass Community Church - Orangeville - (ne)
Community Pentecostal Church - Orleans - (ww,ne)
Heritage Christian School - Lindsay - (mfc,ne)
United Church Youth Retreat - King
Lisowell Distrcit S.S. - Listowell (ww)
Bethel CRC - Lisowell (ww,ne)
Elora Road Christian Fellowship - Men's Breakfast - Guelph (ww)
Masters College & Seminary - Peterborough
AGC High School Retreat - Muskoka Woods (ww) 
Royal View Church - London (ww)
Fluid Conference - Meeting House - Oakville (ww)
St. Johns College - Bradford (ww)
Springvale Church - Stouffville (ww)
Kingsview Community Church Family retreat - Niagara Falls (ne)
St. Thomas Aquinas C.S.S - Oakville - TST
St. Ignatius of Loyola C.S.S. - Oakville - TST
Jean Vanier C.S.S. - Milton - TST
Notre Dame C.S.S. - Burlington - TST
Holy Trinity C.S.S. - Oakville - TST
Corpus Christi C.S.S. - Birlington - TST
Christ the King C.S.S. - Georgetown - TST
Bishop P.F. Reding C.S.S. - Milton - TST
Assumption C.S.S. - Burlington -
Halton Catholic Board - All 9 Schools Chastity tour - (tst)
Spring Garden Church - Toronto (p101)
Lakemont Worship Center - Grimbsy
Pathway Church - Peterborough (ne)


Calvary Baptist Church - Celebrate Recovery - Oshawa (ww)
Kingsview Community Church - Stoney Creek (ww)
Queen Mary P.S. - PA Day (ww)
Corpus Christi CSS - Burlington (ww)
Ottawa Catholic School Tour (4 schools) 
Paramount Drive Alliance Church - Stoney Creek (p101)
Bethel Church - Lindsay (ww)
King Street Pentecostal Church - Oshawa (ww)
To Be Young and Free Conference - New Life Gospel Church - Scarborough
Bethany Community Church - St. Catherines (st)
Edifide Conference - Redeemer 
Halton Catholic Parents Event - St. Ignatius of Loyola Catholic Secondary School - Oakville (p101)
Pathway Church - Peterborough (ww,ne)
Northridge Church - Aurora (pp)
Change Conference (dfl)
Camp White Pine (Loretto Abbey Grade 9 retreat) - Haliburton (dfl)
Notre Dame C.S. - Owen Sound (mfc,ww)
SouthPort Church - Owen Sound
Wallaceburg Christian Reformed Church - Wallaceburg (ww)
Camp MiniYoWe Prime - dfl
Joy Bible Camp - Bancroft (st)
Hillside - Moncton, NB
Kingdom Bound 2017 - Darien Lak, NY
100 Huntley Street
Religion AQ Course - Manresa - Pickering
YFC Training - Redeemer 
Loretto Abbey C.S.S. - Toronto (ww)
Forward Church - Cambridge (ww)
Overflow Conference - Waterloo
Pitch and Praise - Braeside Camp
Woodlands Christian School - Breslau
RZIM Big Deal Questions - Mississauga (pp)
King Street Community Church - Oshawa (st)
Trulls Road - Courtice (mfc,ww)
St. Elizabeth Seton C.S. - Pickering (mfc,p101)
Stoufville Christian School - Stoufville
ForestBrook Commnunity Church (mfc,st)
Mississauga Christian School (mfc,p101)
Bethany Church - St Catharines (dfl)
Aylmer Full Gospel Church - Aylmer (ww,p101)
#ShesNotForSale Conference - Springvale Baptist Church - Stoufville (pp)
Guido de Bres C.H.S - Hamilton (st)
Master's College and Seminary - Peterborough (pp,mfc)
Whitby Christian Assembly - Whitby (ww)
Calvary Temple - Winnipeg (p101)
Pacific Christian School - Victoria (mfc)
Lambrick Park Church - Victoria (p101)
Victoria Church of the Nazarene - Victoria (mfc)
Oasis Church - Victoria (ww,p101)
Zion Apostolic Church - Winnipeg (p101, ww)
Grace Mennonite Church - Winkler, MB (p101)
Victory Faith Church - Altona, MB (p101)
Smythe Street Cathedral - Fredericton, NB (ww)
The Journey Church - Moncton, NB (mfc, ww)
Grace Church - Bouctouche, NB (ww)
Cornerstone Christian School - MooseJaw, SK (ww,mfc)
Regina Apostolic Church - Regina, SK (mfc,ww)
Village Church - Brooklin (pp)
The Bridge - Markham (p101)
Elora Road Christian Fellowship - Guelph (mfc)
McKenzie Towne Church - Calgary (pp)
Bethel Church - Barrhead, AB (mt)
Millwoods Assembly - Edmonton (mt, p101)
Whitecourt Baptist Church - Whitecourt, AB (ww)
St Joseph C.S. - Whitcourt , AB (mfc)
Falconridge Family Church - Calgary (ww, p101)


Sarnia Evangelical Missionary Church - Sarnia
Francis Liberman parents night - Scarborough (p101)
Village on Taunton Church - Whitby (ww)
Chartwell Baptist Church - Mississauga (mfc)
Lynne Valley Full Gospel Church - North Vancouver
People's Full Gospel Church - Surrey (ww,mfc)
Brampton Christian School - Brampton
Southside Church - Ajax (mfc)
YFC Fundraiser - Brandon, MB
Bethany Church Lunch n'Learn - St. Catharines
EDIFIDE Christian School Conference - Redeemer University - Ancaster (mfc,ww)
Forest Brook Community Church - Pickering
Regiopolis-Notre Dame CHS - Kingston
Queesway Baptist Church - Bradford
Central Pentecostal Church - Elora (ww)
First Barrie CRC - Barrie (ww)
YFC Scarborough Youth Workers - Scarborough (ww)
St. Theresa C.S. - Whitby
Steele Heights Baptist Church - Edmonton
Lakeshore Pentecosotal Camp - Teen Camp - Cobourg
Kingdom Bound 2016 - Darien Lake, NY
Elim Lodge Family Camp - Buckhorn (multiple talks)
Queesway Baptist Church - Toronto (pp)
Hillside Baptist Church - Moncton (mt,ww,mfc)
Burlington Alliance Church - Burlington (mfc)
Pope John Paul II C.S.S. Grade 12 Retreat - Scarborough
Peoples Church Men's Breakfast - Toronto (pp)
Pitch n'Praise COnference - Braeside (mfc, ww, dfl)
Mount Brydges Baptist Church - Mount Brydges
West London Alliance Church - London
Maranatha Christian Academy - Windsor (mfc)
Parkwood Gospel Temple - Windsor (tst students, tst parents)
Holy Rosary C.S. - Belleville (tst parents)
Hamilton District Christian High School - Hamilton (p101)
House of Praise Women's Conference - Mississauga (p101)
CCCC Pursuit COnference - London (partial ww)
Fellowship CRC - Brighton (ww)
Quinte Christian High School - Belleville (mfc)
New Life Community Church - Brampton (p101)
C4 Church Young Adults - Ajax (pp)
Fellowship CRC - Brighton (mfc)
Masters College & Seminary (Youth Class) - Peterborough (pp,mfc)
Bayiew Glenn Church - Markham (st)
Tyndale Unlocked (March Break Event) - Toronto (mfc)
Forestview Church of God - Niagara Falls, NY (ww,mfc,st)
Benton Baptist Church - Kitchener (ww)
Bethany Commmunity Church - St. Catharines (pp)
Fist Baptist Church - Timmins (ww,dfl,mt,mfc)
Loretto Abbey C.S.S. Parents Night - Toronto (ww)
Today's Teens 2016 - Oakville (pp)
Warden Full Gospel Church - Scarborough (mfc)
Breakforth 2016 - Edmonton (multiple talks)
Durham Catholic District School Board (Priniciplas / Vice-Principals COnference) - Richmond Hill (ww)
Halton Hills Christian School - Halton Hills (mfc,ww)
Benton Baptist Church - Kitchener (mfc)
The Olive Branch - Markham (ww)
Brampton Christian School - Brampton (mfc)
Father Leo Auston C.S.S. - Whitby (ww)


Church of the Virgin Mary and St. Athanasius - Mississauga (mfc)
Peoples Church Hamilton(Men's Breakfast) - Hamilton (pp)
Bethany Community Church - St. Catharines (mfc)
Scarborough Alliance - Scarborough (mfc)
Willowdale Pentecostal Church - Willowdale (mfc)
The Olive Branch - Markham (pp)
St. Joan of Arc C.S.S. - Mississauga (ww)
The Rock Youth Gala - Hamilton (ww)
Woodside Bible Fellowship - Elmira (mfc) 
Calvary United Church - St Jacobs (pp)
Laurentian Hills C.S. - Kitchener (mfc,ww)
Masters College (Mental Health Evening) - Peterborough (ww)
Waterloo Mennenite Bretheren Church - Waterloo (ww)
Initiate Conference  - Peterborugh (pp)
ASCI Teachers Conference - Burlington (tst)
Jane / Finch Coalition - Toronto (ww)
Bethel Pentecostal Church - Barrhead, AB (ww,mfc)
Whitecourt Baptist Church - Whitecourt, AB (ww,mfc)
Ur Worth More Conference - Welland (ww)
Masters College (Youth Class) - Peterborough (ww.mfc)
Church on the Queensway - Etobicoke (ww)
St. Edmund Campion SS - Oakville (mfc)
Camp White Pine (Loretto Abbey Grade 9 Retreat) - Haliburton (mfc)
Emmaus Church - Burlington (ww)
C4 Church (Mens Breakfast) - Ajax (pp)
Northridge Community Church (Sunday service) - Newmarket (ww)
Northridge Community Church (youth) - Newmarket (ww)
Calvary Church - Lindsay (mfc,ww)
Kindgom Bound 2015 - Darien Lake, NY (mfc,ww,tst)
OVPC (Youth Camp) - Cobden (multiple talks)
Elim Lodge (family camp week) - Buckhorn (multiple talks)
Northridge Community Church - Newmarket (mfc)
Joy Bible Camp: Family Camp - Bancroft (ww)
Village Church - Surrey, BC (mfc,ww)
Gateway Community Church - Oshawa (ww)
ValleyView Alliance Church - Newmarket (ww)
Brooklin Village Church - Brooklin (ww)
Norwood Pentecostal Church - Norwood (mfc,ww)
Burlington Christian Academy - Burlington (mfc)
Bayview Glenn - Markham (ww)
St. Joan of Arc CSS - Mississauga (mfc)
Agincourt Pentecostal Church - Scarborough (ww)
O'Neil High School - Regina (mfc)
Miller High School - Regina (mfc)
Riffel High School - Regina (mfc)
Leboldus High School - Regina (mfc)
Buleah Alliance Church - Edmonton (ww)
The Olive Branch (RKLS MVMT) - Markham (ww)
Frank Ryan C.S.(parents night) - Ottawa (ww)
Calvary Church - Peterbrough (mfc,tst)
Exeter (multiple churches) - Exeter (ww)
Bayview Glen Church - Toronto (ww)
Fillpott Memorial Church - Hamilton (dfl)
Agincourt Pentecostal Church (Girls Conference) - Scarborough (ww)
C4 Church (Parents night) - Ajax (tst)
Emmaus Church - Burlington (tst)
Masters College (Children's ministry class) - Peterborough (p101)
St. Eugene C.S.- Hamilton (mfc,p101)
Niagara Community Church - Niagara Falls (ww)
Peoples Church (reaching Higher Parents conferences) - (tst,ww)
Peoples Church (Men's Breakfast) - (ww)
Stratford YFC (tmt)
C4 Church (C4 moms) - Ajax (ww)
The Village Church  - Whitby (ww)
C4 Church (905) - Ajax (dfl,mfc)
Today's Teens 2015 - Oakville (ww,mfc)
Northridge Community Church - Newmarket (mfc)
Faith Pentecostal Assembly - Glencoe (mfc)
Glencoe District High School - Glencoe (ww)
Oshawa Community Church (OCC) - Oshawa (ww)
C4 Chuch (905 Youth) - Ajax (tst)


Prairie Bible Institute: Deeper Conference - Three Hills, Alberta (ww,tst,mfc)
Initiate Conference: Calvary Church - Peterborough (ww.mfc) 
ACSI Teacher Convention - Burlington (ww.mfc)
Centre Street Church Aidrie Campus - Airdrie, Alberta (ww)
Immanuel Christian School - Lethbridge (mfc,p101)
Taber EV Free Church - Taber (p101)
Challenge Conference, New Minas, Nova Scotia (ww.tst,mfc)
IPC - Winnipeg (dfl,mfc)
ACSI World Concerns Conference - Mississauga (ww)
Lady of Lourdes C.S.S - Guelph (ww)
Cornerstone Penecostal Church - Lively, Ont (mfc, ww, tst)
Camp White Pine (Loretto Abbey C.S.S.) - Haliburton (mfc)
Starting Point Church - Oakvillle (ww)
Jackson's Point Salvation Army Music Camp - Jackson's Point (mfc)
Kingdom Bound 2014 - Darien Lake, NY (dfl, mfc, ww)
MBC staff Training - Huntsville (ww)
Muskoka Woods Staff Training - Rosseau (tst)
C4 Church Fusion Students - Ajax (mfc)
Church on the Queensway - Toronto (ww)
YFC Regional Meeting - Waterdown (ww)
C4 Church - Ajax (p101)
Parkwood Gospel Temple - Windsor (tst, p101)
Blessed Pope John Paul II C.S.S. (Grade 12 Retreat) - Scarborough (mfc)
YC Alberta - Edmonton (ww,dfl,mfc)
Richmond Hill Mayor's Prayer Breakfast - Richmond Hill (ww)
All Ontario Youth Convention - Waterloo (ww)
Good Sheppard C.S. - Barrie (mfc, p101)
Camp Robin Hood (Brother Andre C.S. Grade 12 Retreat) - Markham
Camp Olympia Leadership Event - Huntsville (mfc)
Elizabeth Seaton C.S. - Pickering (mfc, p101)
St. Francis De Salles C.S. - Ajax (mfc, p101)
Woodvale Penecostal Church - Ottawa (p101)
Redeemer Christian School - Ottawa (mfc)
St. Dominic's C.S.S & Monsignor Michael O'Leary C.S - Bracebridge (mfc, p101)
Altona Road Church - Pickering (ww)
Brooklin Town Centre Church - Broolin (p101)
Navigating the Path (Catholic Parents Conference) - Windsor (p101)
Our Lady of Mount Carmel C.S.S. - Mississauga (ww)
Calvary Church - Toronto (mt)
Calvary Baptist Church  - Oshawa (we, tst)
Community Pentecostal Church - Orleans  (mfc,p101)
Frank Ryan Catholic School - Nepean (p101)
St. Michael's College (Voices that Challenge) - Toronto (mfc)
C4 905 - Ajax (ys,tst)
Springvale Church - Stouffville (tst parents)
St. Hedwig C.S. & John XX111 C.S. (mfc, p101)
Todays Teens Conference 2014 - Oakville (mfc, ys)
Essex Gospel Community Church (tst)
Youth Quake 2014: Briercrest, Caronport, SK (mfc, ys, tst)
OCA - Religous Camps Breakout (ys)
St. Wilfrid C.S. - Pickering (mfc)
Willowdale Christian School - Willowdale (mfc,p101)
C4 Church Men's Breakfast - Ajax (mt)
St. Josephine Bahkita C.S. - Brampton (mfc)


St. Marguerite d'Youville C.S. (p101)
St. Thomas Aquinas C.S. (we)
Tyndale (Youth Min. Counselling Class) - Toronto (we)
New Life Church - Brampton (mfc)
Palmerston Christian Reformed Church - Palmerston (we,p101)
Faith Baptist Church - Huntsvile, Ontario (we)
Resurrection Life Church - Cheektowaga, NY (mt,tst)
Pickering Christian School - Ajax (mfc,p101)
Ajax / Pickering Youth Network - Pickering (mfc)
RHCCC - Richmond Hill (mfc)
Holy Trinity C.S.S. - Simcoe, Ontario (mfc,p101)
Change Conference 2014 - Toronto (we)
St. Josephone Bakhita & Brother Andre C.S. - Ajax (mfc, p101)
Maple Community Church - Maple (mfc)
St. Brother Andre C.H.S. Staff PD day- Markham (we)
St. Paul C.H.S. - Niagara Falls (mfc, we)
Blaze Conference - Summerside, PEI
Loretto College Grade 9 Retreat - Lindsay (mfc)
St. Andrews Presbyterian - Fergus (mfc, p101)
Tyndale College, University and Seminary - Toronto (tst)
L'Amble Chapel - Bancroft (mfc, p101)
St. Theresa C.S. - Whitby (mfc)
Kingdom Bound 2013 - Darien Lake, NY
Joy Bible Camp (Staff Training) - Bancroft (tst,we)
Youth Unlimited Event: Doxa - Scarborough (mfc)
MBC, Camp Widjitiwin, Camp Moniyowe Staff Training - Port Stanley (dfl)
Fair Havens Staff Training - Beaverton (mfc)
FGT Family Church - Leamington (p101)
WCA (Whitby Christian Assembly (tst, mfc)
Brampton Christian School (mfc, p101)
Parkwood Gospek Tempel - Windsor (dfl)
Maranatha Christian Acaedmy - Windsor (tst)
St. Justin, Martyr C.S. - Unionville (mfc, p101)
Springvale Church - Stoufville (tst)
St. Paul C.S. - Ottawa - (dfl, mfc, p101)
Overflow Youth Conference - Waterloo (tst, we)
St. Br. Andrew C.S.S. - Grade 12 Retreat - Camp Robin Hood - (mfc)
OCC (Oshawa Community Church - Oshawa (mfc)
John Vanier CHS - Richmond Hill (mfc)
TCDSB - Leadership Event - Camp Olympia - (mfc)
Halton Hills Christian School - Georgetown - (mfc, p101)
Monsignor Paul Baxter C.S. - Ottawa (p101)
St. Mark C.S. - Manotick (mfc)
St. Andrews Pres. - Toronto (p101)
Prescious Blood C.S. - Exetor (mfc, p101)
Nicholas Mancini Centre - Hamilton (p101)
St. Marguerite d'Youville C.S. - Hamilton (mfc)
St. Peter's C.S.S. - Peterborough (p101)
Missionfest - Scarborough (we)
St. John Chrysostom - Newmarket (mfc,p101)
St, Michael C.S.S. - Stratford (mfc,p101)
St. Patrick C.S. - Harrowsmith, On (mfc)
The Grind: Salvation Army Youth Drop In - Pembroke, On (ys)
St. Thomas More C.S.S. - Hamilton (mfc, p101)
Today's Teens Conference - Oakville (tst)
Tyndale Bible College & Seminary - Toronto (dfl)


Joy Bible Camp Family Camp - Bancroft
Pioneer Camp Staff Training - Port Sydney
MBC Staff Training - Port Sydney
Timothy Christian School / Unity Christian School (mfc, p101) - Barrie
Millwoods Christian Assembly(mfc p101) - Edmonton
YC Alberta 2012(mfc, dfl) - Edmonton
Holy Rosary C.S (mfc and p101) - Belleville
Holy Trinity C.S.S. (mfc) - Bradford
St. Thomas Aquinas C.S.S. (mfc) - Tottenham
Westney Hieights Baptist Church - (mfc - p101) - Ajax
C4 Church (p101) - Ajax
Our Lady of Lourdes C.S.S. (mfc) - Guelph
St. Bennidict's C.S.S (mfc) - Cambridge
St. Joseph's Catholic High School - Barrie
St. Joan of Arc Catholic High School (mfc) - Barrie
Good Shepherd C.S. (mfc and p101) - Barrie
St. Peter's C.S.S. (mfc) - Barrie
Immanuel Baptist Church (ys, mt) - Truro, NS
Pastors Retreat (p101) - Truro, NS
Grace BAptist Church (p101) - Halifax
Halifax Christian Academy (mfc) - Halifax, NS
Colchester Christian Academy (dfl) - Truro, NS
Drayton Reformed Church (mfc) - Drayton
Calvary Baptist Church (mfc) - Oshawa
St. James C.S. (mfc) - Ajax
St. Marguerite Bourgeoys C.S. (p101) - Pickering
St. Mary's C.S.S. (mfc) - Cobourg
St. Joseph's C.S.S. (mfc) - Windsor
St. Anne C.S.S. (mfc) - Belle River
Bridgeway Family Homes (p101) - Belleville
Bridgeway Family Homes (p101) - Toronto
Evangel Church (mfc/p101) - Chatham
Holy Redeemer C.S. (p101) - Pickering
Today's Teens Conference - Oakville
Pereyma C.S.S. (mfc) - Oshawa
Mother Teresa C.S. (mfc/p101) - Kingston
Youth Quake - Briercrest - Caronport, SK
Father. Leo J. Austin C.S.S. (ys) - Whitby
First Assembly - Calgary
Beddington Pentecostal - Calgary
Bethel CRC - Edmonton
West Edmonton Christian High School - Edmonton
John Knox Christian School - Brampton
Our Lady of the Lake - Keswick
Chartwell Baptist Church - Oakville
Five Oaks Retreat Center - Brandford
St. Ambrose C.S. / Christ the King C.S. - Etobicoke
Heritage Park Alliance Church - Windsor
Lindsay Youth Event - Lindsay


St. Mark Catholic High School - Ottawa
Msgr. Frase College - C.S.S. - Toronto
Laurantian Hills Christian School - Kitchener
The Gethering Place (Pickering Pentecostal) - Pickering
Queesway Baptist Church - Toronto
Holland Marsh District Christian School - Newmarket
Philopateer Christian College - Mississauga
Corpus Christi C.S.S. - Burlington
St. Joan of Arc. C.S.S. - Maple
Our Lady of Lourdes C.S. - Kingston
Airdrie Alliance Church - Airdrie, AB
Airdrie Kononia Christian School - Airdrie, AB
BearsPaw Christian School - Calgary, AB
Ambrose University College - Pastors Day - Calgary, AB
Bethel Pentecostal Church - Barrhead, AB
Mill Woods Assembly - Edmonton, AB
When Faith Meets Pedagogy Conference 2011 - Mississauga
Our Lady of the Lake - Keswick
ACSI Christian School Convention - Bear Paw Christian School, Calgary, AB
Millwoods Christian High School - Millwoods, AB
Fort Saskatchewan Christian School - Fort Saskatechewan, AB
Strathcona Christian Academy - Sherwood Park, AB
Evangel Napanee - Napanee
Toronto District Christian High School - Woodbridge
Peoples Christian Academy - Markham
St. Jean de Brebreuf CSS - Woodbridge
Gateway Church - London
Loretto College - Grade 9 Retreat - Orillia
St. Peter & Paul Parish - Harmbury, NY
St. Bernadette Parish - Orchard Park, NY
Camp Olympia (Catholic Leadership Retreat) - Huntsville
Jackson's Point Salvation Army Camp - Jackson's Point, Ont
Carruthers Creek Community Church (Awakening Service) - Ajax
Church of God of Eastern Canada - Thamesford, Ont
Kingdom Bound 2011 - Darien Lake, NY
Fair Havens - Beaverton
Lifeest 2011 - Appleton, WI
Camp Mini-Yo-We Staff Training - Port Sydney
MBC / Camp Widjiitiwin / Camp Norland Staff Training - Port Sydney
Dad's Count Conference - Etobicoke
KRT - Brampton
Brampton Christian School (Grade 6-8) - Brampton
The Oasis Fellowship - Grande Prairie, Alberta
St. Joseph C.S. - Gananoque
York Region Catholic Religion AQ - Aurora
Gateway Church - London
West London Alliance Church - London
Common Ground Youth Conference - London
St. Justin Martyr C.S. - Markham
YC Alberta 2011 - Edmonton
Muskoka Woods Staff Training - Toronto
First Filipino Baptist Church - Toronto
Inglewood Christian Reformed Church - Edmonton
Edmonton Christian School - Edmonton
Chaminade C.S.S. - North York
United Church Youth Workers Conference - Lindsay
CARFLOE - St. Michaels College: University of Toronto
Francis Libermann C.S.S.- Scarbrorough
Mary Ward C.S.S. - Scarborough
St. Anthony Daniel C.S. - Pickering
Father Venini C.S. - Oshawa
YC Manitoba - Winnipeg
Cobourg Alliance Church - Cobourg
Glad Tidings - Sudbury
Archbishop Denis O'Connor C.S.S. (parents) - Ajax
Bethel Christian Assembly - Brandon, Manitoba
Salt and Light Youth - Morden, Manitoba
Notre Dame C.S. - Ottawa
Immaculata C.S. - Ottawa
St. Emily C.S. - Nepean
St. Paul C.S. - Ottawa
All Saints C.S. - Kanata
Mother Teresa C.S. - Nepean
Missionsfest 2011: Toronto - Scarborough
St. Marta C.S. - Kingston
Grandview Baptist Church - Kitchener
First Alliance Church - Scarborough
Forward Baptist Church - Toronto
College Days 2011 - Masters College - Peterborough
Sacred Heart C.S. - Stittsville
St. Mark the Evangelist C.S. - Whitby
Holland Marsh District Christian School: Fundraising Gala - New Market
Today's Teens Conference - Oakville
Holy Redeemer Catholic School - Pickering
Wilmar Height Baptist Church - Scarbrorough
Essex Gospel Community Church - Essex
London Christian Elemenrtary School - London
LDCSS (London District Christian Secondary School) - London
D.O.C. C.S.S. - Ajax
St. Thomas Aquinas C.S. - Oshawa
Father Leo Austin C.S.S. - Whitby
Father Joseph Venini C.S. - Oshawa
Hanover Missionary Church Retreat - Scone
Immanuel Christian Reformed Church - Simcoe
Barrie Free Methodist Church - Barrie
St. Bernadette Catholic School - Ajax
Camp Crossroads (Jr High Retreat) - Torrance, ON
Peter & Paul Catholic Parish - Buffalo


Sonama Church - Impact Youth - Brampton, ON
New Life Assembly - Killarney, MB
Bethel Christian Assembly - Brandon, MB
Centre Street Church - Calgary, AB
Beddington Pentecostal Church - Calgary, AB
Immanuel Christian High School - Lethbridge, AB
St. Leo C.S. - Brooklin
St. Justin, Martyr C.S. - Unionville
Strathcona Christian Academy - Sherwood Park, AB
Cornerstone Christian Academy - Kingman, AB
Bethel Penecostal Church - Sarnia
Emmanuel Community Church - Port Perry
Guido De Bres Christian School - Hamilton
St. Bernard. C.S. - Whitby
Bayview Glen - Markham
The Olive Branch - Markham
Doxa Youth Event - Scarborough
ACSI Christian School Convention - Brampton
St. Ambrose C.S. - Etobicoke
dtp (Disturb the Peace Conference) - Grande Prairie, AB
Ottawa Catholic School Board - Prophets in the 21st Century Conference - Ottawa
Sunrise Pregnancy and Family Support Services - Uxbridge
St. Jude. C.S. - Ajax
Immanuel Pentecostal Church - Winnipeg
Soul Sanctuary - Winnipeg
St. Marguerite d'Youville - Whitby
St. Theresa - Whitby
St. Francis De Salles - Ajax
St. Patrick C.S. - Ajax
YC Newfoundland - Gander, NF
Orangeville Baptist - Orangeville, Ont
Saint John Youth Conference - Saint John, NB
Salvation Army - Youth Leadership - WInnipeg, MB
Loretto College - Grade 9 Retreat - Orillia
St. Bridget C.S. - Brooklin
OCYC Convention - Collingwood & Barrie
Joy Bible Camp Family Camp (4) - Bancroft, ON
Kingdom Bound 2010 - Darien Lake, NY
Church of the Virgin Mary and St. Athanasius - Mississauga, ON
Wellington Catholic District School Board - Religion AQ Course - Guelph, ON
York Catholic District School Board - Religion AQ Course - Aurora, ON
Joy Bible Camp - Family Camp - Bancroft, ON
Carruthers Creek Community Church - Ajax
Mississauga Vietnamese Alliance Church - Mississauga, ON
YC Alberta - Edmonton, AB
Oakridge Bible Chapel - Oakville, Ont
Kitimat First Baptist Church - Kitimat, B.C.
Our Lady of Lourdes C.H.S. - Guelph, Ont
Overflow Convention - Waterloo, Ont
Trulls Road Free Methodist Church - Courtice, Ont
Madonna Catholic S.S. - North York, Ont
Chaminade College C.S.S. - North York, Ont
Crestwicke Baptist Church - Guelph, Ont
Archbishop Denis O'Connor C.H.S (Grade 9-10) - Ajax, Ont
YC Manitoba 2010- Winnipeg, MB
Muskoka Woods: Town Hall Meeting - Rosseau, Ont
Youth Partnership Initiative - Ajax, Ont
Spring Folly 2010 - Desbarats, Ont
Orangeville CRC - Orangeville, Ont
Forestbrook - Parenting Conference - Ajax, Ont
Carruthers Creek Community Church: Men's Breakfast - Ajax, Ont
SHOUT OUT Youth Rally- @ Toronto District Christian High School - Woodbridge, Ont
Toronto District Christian High School - Woodbridge, Ont
Koinonia Christian School - Red Deer, AB
Heritage College & Seminary: Awaken - Cambridge
PCS (Pickering Christian School) - Ajax
Evangel Pentecostal Church - Oakville
Engage Your World - Billy Graham Outreach (Will Graham) - Ottawa, Ont
St. John's C.S.S. - Perth, Ont
St. Mark's C.S.S. - Manotick, Ont
Waterloo MB- Waterloo, Ont
Today's Teens Conference - Oakville, Ont
Durham Christian High School - Bowmanville, Ont
Lakeside Church - Guelph, Ont
St. Wilfrid C.S. - Pickering, Ont
Horizon College & Seminar Retreat - Converge - Saskatoon, SK
Peoples Christian Academy - Toronto, Ont
Winter Retreat (Toque)- Camp Iawah - Westport, Ont
Northside Baptist Church - Sydney Mines, NS
Bethel Pentecostal Church - Sarnia, Ont


Canadian Coptic Centre - Church of the Virgin Mary and St. Athanasius - Mississauga, Ont
Tyndale: Counselling Adolescents and Families class - North York, Ont
Canadian Youth Workers Conference - Vancouver, BC
Orangeville CRC - Orangeville, Ont
Waterloo CRC - Waterloo
ie girl - Brantford, Ont
Brother Andre C.S. - Ajax
AGC Jr. High Getaway Retreat - Rosseau
ACSI Toronto Teachers' Convention - Mississauge
St. Paul's Leaskdale - Leaskdale
Hillside Moncton - Moncton, NB
ACSI Maritimes Teachers' Convention - Moncton, NB
CCI/Canada's Executive Leadership Institute (ELI) - Winnipeg
Christian Counselling Ministries - Truro, NS
ACSI Martimes World Concerns Conference - Moncton, NB
Change Conference 2010 - Toronto
ACSI Ontario World Concerns Conference - Mississauga
Eastview Boys and Girls Clubs - Oshawa
Gospel 2.0 Conference - Grant Memorial Church - Winnipeg
St. Joseph C.S. - Oshawa, Ont
St. Paul's Leaskdale - Leaskdale, Ont
Doxa - Youth Unlimited Toronto - Scarborough
Holy Redeemer C.S. - Pickering, Ont
Whitecourt Baptist Church - Whitecourt, AB
Family Worship Center - Whitecourt, AB
St. Joseph C.S.S. - Whitecourt, AB
YellowHead Koinonia Christian School - Edson, AB
Stony Plain Alliance Church - Stony Plain, AB
Chetwynd Baptist Church - Chetwynd, BC
Beacon Bible Camp (Alpha Week)- Torrance, Ont
Kingdom Bound 2009 - Darien Lake, NY
Sauble Christian Fellowship - Sauble Beach
CYWAL - Worldview Conference - Crieff Hills Conference Center
Creation Northwest - Gorge Amphitheatre, WA
Jackson's Point (Salvation Army) - Jackson's Point, Ontario
Creation Northeast - Mount Union, PA
MBC / Camp Wiji Staff Training - Port Syndney, Ont
Teen Ranch - Staff Training - Caledon, Ont
Forward Baptist Church - Cambridge
Cornerstone Community Church - Niagara-on-the-lake
Brampton Christian School - Caledon
Kingston Alliance Church - Kingston
Calvary Baptist Church (Sunday School) - Oshawa
Red Lake Mennonite Church - Red Lake, On
YC Alberta 2009, Edmonton, AB
St. John Bosco C.S. (Students and Parents) - Oshawa
All Ontario Youth Convention @ Wilfred Laurier University - Waterloo
Beacon Bible Camp - Staff Training - Torrance
Madonna C.S.S. - Toronto
Francis Libermann C.S.S. - Scarborough
Loretto College C.S.S. - Toronto
Holland Marsh Christian School - Newmarket
Archbishop Denis O'Connor C.S.S. - Ajax
Family Worship Center - Clay, NY
Evangelical Church of Lac La Biche - Lac La Biche, AB
St. Anthony Daniel. C.S. - Pickering
Forestview Church - Burlington
St. Thomas Aquinas C.S. - Oshawa
Salvation Army: Youth Council (AOK) - Camp Heart O'Hills - Oklahoma
The Embassy - Jr/Sr High - Oshawa
Bethany Missionary Church - Kitchener
Msgr. Paul Dyer C.S.S. - Oshawa
St. Paul C.S. - Whitby
CCI (Christian Camping Int. - Canada) Banquet - Teen Ranch, Caledon
Lloydminster Gospel Fellowship - Llyodminster, AB
St. Wilfred C.S. - Pickering
Youth Quake 2009 - Caronport, SK
St. Matthew the Evangelist C.S. - Whitby
St. Elizabeth Seton C.S. - Pickering
Brooklin Village Church- Brooklin
Church of the Rock - Winnipeg, MB
Linden Christian School (staff and students) - Winnipeg, MB
Centre Street Church - Calgary, AB
St. John the Evangelist C.S. - Whitby
Breakforth 2009 - Edmonton, AB
Trinity CRC - Goderich
SASF Retreat (The Salvation Army Student Fellowship) MUN - St. Johns. NF
St. Anthony Daniel C.S. - Pickering
Caruthers Creek Community Church (Awakening) - Ajax
Richmond Hill Chinese Community Church - Richmond Hill
Rehoboth Christian Reformed Church - Bowmanville
Timothy / Unity Christian Schools - Barrie


Rosewood Church of the Nazarene - Scarborough
St. John's Presbyterian Church - Bradford
Notre Dame C.S.S. Grade 12 Retreat - Whitby
St. Theresa C.S. - Whitby
St. James C.S. - Ajax
CYWC 2008 (Canadian Youth Workers Conference) - Toronto
St. Bernard C.S. (Parents) - Whitby
Peoples Church - Hamilton
Eden High School - Parents - St. Catharines
Richvale Bible Chapel - Men's Breakfast - Richmond Hill
Western University: Asian Christian Fellowship - London
London District Christian S.S. - London
Calvary Gospel Church - Beamsville
'The Met' - Ottawa
Maranatha CRC - Belleville
Hamilton District Christian High School - Ancaster
Eden High School - St. Catharines
Peoples Church - Toronto
Creekside Church - Waterloo
Stoney Creek Baptist Church - London
King's Christian College - Oakville
Calvary Baptist Church - Oshawa
St. Bridget C.S. - Brooklin
St. Joseph C.S. - Oshawa
St. Patrick C.S. - Ajax
St. Francis de Sales C.S. - Ajax
Masters Academy & College - Calgary, AB
Park Meadows Baptist Church - Lethbridge, AB
Millwoods Christian Academy - Edmonton, AB
Saskatoon Christian School - Saskatoon, SK
Faith Baptist Church - Regina, SK
Regina Christian School - Regina, SK
Winnipeg Free Evangelical Church - Winnipeg, MB
Mennonite Brethren Collegiate Institute - Winnipeg, MB
Change Conference 2008 - Toronto
Monsignor Paul Dywer C.S.S - Oshawa
St. Elizabeth Seton C.S. - Pickering
Brother Andre C.S. (parents) - Ajax
St. Monica C.S. - Pickering
St. Bernard C.S. - Whitby
John Fraser Secondary School - Mississauga
The Ark: Christian Youth Centre Fund Raiser - Dawson Creek, BC
Ron Pettigrew Christian School - Dawson Creek, BC
Assumption Jr/Sr C.S.S - Cold Lake, AB
Stony Plain Alliance Church - Stony Plain, AB
Fort Saskatchewan Christian School - Fort Saskatchewan, AB
Peoples Christian Academy - North York
St. Christopher C.S. - Oshawa
Camp Olympia - Loretto College C.S.S. - Huntsville
Bayfair Baptist Church - Pickering
Beacon Bible Camp (Friendship Family Camp) - Torrance
Kingdom Bound 08' - Darien Lake, NY
Ryerson United Church Camp - Turkey Point
CYWAL Conference - Crief
Manresa Retreat Center - Durham Catholic Teachers Retreat - Pickering
Central Pentecostal Church - Fergus
Peoples Church - North York
Holy Family C.S. - Beaverton
Good Shepherd CS - Port Perry
Immaculate Conception CS - Port Perry
Courtice North Public School - Courtice
Living Waters Church - Salmon Arm, BC
YC Alberta: 2008 - Edmonton, Alberta
Canadian Reformed Churches Retreat @ Campfire - Markdale
No Excuses Youth Conference (COGOP) - Cornwall
Loretto College - Toronto
Father John Redmond C.S.S. - Etobicoke
Francis Libermann C.S.S. - Scarborough
Awakening Service @ Carruthers Creek - Ajax
New Hope Community Church of the Nazarene - Winnipeg
River of Life Church of the Nazarene - Winnipeg
Bethany Community Church - St. Catharines
Beacon Christian Secondary School - St. Catharines
Spring Garden Retreat - Camp Mini-Yo-We - Port Sydney
Francis Libermann C.S.S. - Grade 12 Retreat - Shadow Lake
Heritage Park Alliance Church - Windsor
Chatham Christian School - Chatham
NorthView Community Church - Abbotsford, BC
Abbotsford Christian School - Middle, Secondary - Abbotsford, BC
Langley Christian School - Langley, BC
MEI - Middle, Secondary & Parents - Abbotsford, BC
Springvale Baptist Church - Stouffville
Notre Dame CSS - Ajax
St. Leo CS - Brooklin
Calvary Pentecostal Church - Simcoe
Barrie Free Methodist Church - Barrie
St. Isaac Jogues C.S. - Pickering
Carruthers Creek Community Church - Ajax
Bethany Evalgelical Missionary Church - Kitchener
Distress Centre of Durham "Suicide Conference" - Ajax
Today's Teens 2008' - Oakville
Hillside Church (Formerly Wortley Baptist) - London
Faith Evangelical Missionary Church - Wasaga Beach
Evangel Pentecostal Church - Montreal, QC
Breakforth 2008 - Edmonton, Alberta
Zion Church - Didsbury, Alberta
Cochrane Alliance Church - Cochrane, Alberta
Holy Redeemer CS - Pickering
Carruthers Creek Community Church (Jr High) - Ajax


Kennedy Road Tabernacle - Brampton
Forward Baptist Church - Toronto
West London Alliance Church - London
Pickering Christian School (Parents) - Ajax
Flamborough Baptist Church - Waterdown
Richmond Hill Chinese Community Church - Richmond Hill
Brother Andre CS - Ajax
St. John Fisher Elementary School - Brampton
Cardinal Newman Elementary School - Brampton
Burlington Alliance - Burlington
CSI Teachers Convention - Toronto
Richvale Bible Chapel - Richmond Hill
Pickering Christian School - Ajax
CampusFire 2007 - Surrey, BC
St. Marguerite Bourgoeys CS - Pickering
Prairie Bible Institute - Youth Workers Conference - Three Hills, Alberta
Wesley Christian Academy - Markham
ockcliffe Gospel Temple - Owen Sound
Notre Dame CSS - Ajax
Father Joseph Venini Catholic School - Oshawa
Milverton Mennonite Fellowship - Milverton
Whitby Christian Assembly Retreat - Lakeshore - Cobourg
Tyndale Frosh Week 2007 - Fair Havens - Beaverton
Mark Road Pentecostal Church - Brantford
Ebeneezer CRC - Trenton
FreedomFest 07' - Barrie
Kingdom Bound 2007 - Darien Lake, NY
Beacon Bible Camp - Gravenhurst
Westney Heights Baptist Church - Ajax
Faith Family Church - Ajax
YFC National Conference - Fair Havens - Beaverton
St. Francis de Sales CS - Ajax
Bridgeway Family Homes - Willowdale
St. Luke the Evangelist- Whitby
St. Marguerite d'Youville C.S. - Whitby
The Stone Church - Toronto
Emmanuel Baptist Church - Barrie
Eastridge Men's Minstry - Stouffville
All Ontario Youth Convention - Carleton University -Ottawa
Parkdale Baptist Church - Belleville
Michael Power • St. Joseph C.S.S. - Toronto
Caven Presbyterian - Bolton
Bishop Marrocco / Thomas Merton C.S.S - Toronto
Francis Libermann C.S.S - Toronto
St. Mary C.S.S. - Pickering
St. Bernadette Catholic School - Ajax
St. Catherine of Siena C.S.- Ajax
Excalibur 2007- Burlington
St. James C.S. - Ajax
Concert with Hello Kelly: Lindsay
Springvale Baptist Church - Stouffville
Father Francis Mahoney C.S. - Oshawa
Valley View Alliance - Newmarket
John XXIII Catholic School - Oshawa
Faith Baptist - Huntsville
Community Church - Waterdown
All Saint Catholic SS Grade 12 Retreat - Camp Samac - Oshawa
Burlington Alliance Church - Parents - Burlington
Bethel Pentecostal Assembly - Goderich
Peter and Paul Parish - Hamburg, NY
St. Anthony Daniel Catholic School - Pickering
Uxbridge Baptist Church - Uxbridge
St. Bernadette Catholic School - Ajax
Toronto City Church - Toronto
Converge Conference 07- Tyndale - Toronto
Parkview Church - Guelph
YouthQuake 07 - Briercrest - SK
Today's Teens and LITE Conference - The Meeting House - Oakville
John XXIII Catholic School - Oshawa
Full Gospel Tabernacle - Calgary, AB
Calgary Full Gospel Church - Calgary, AB
Master's Christian School - Calgary, AB
Heritage Christian School - Calgary, AB
John Pereyma Catholic SS - Oshawa
Church on the Rock - Hamilton
Compass Point Bible Church - Burlington
Westney Heights Baptist Church - Ajax
St. John Bosco C.S. - Oshawa
Bedlam Jr. High Retreat - Bancroft
Ajax High School - Ajax
Eastridge Evangelical Missionary Church - Stouffville

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