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parents101Growing up, you didn’t have the Internet, your friends didn’t cut themselves and text messaging wasn’t even on the radar. How can we help guide our children to live Godly lives amidst this kind of cultural climate?

Brett Ullman discusses, from a parent’s perspective, sensitive topics affecting today’s young people including cutting, suicide, substance abuse, sex and violence. Bringing hope and an awareness to today’s parents, Brett sheds light on how with increased knowledge of youth trends, adults can be more discerning in their parenting strategies and better able to anticipate the needs of their children as they navigate the often challenging waters of adolescence.

Brett's talks certainly opened eyes, hearts, and minds and left a lot of food for thought for students, staff, and parents alike to chew on long after the presentations were done. Brett's presentation of his extensive research is incredibly helpful for all parents and teachers who want to help their children navigate the sometimes perilous path of adolescence.
Justin DeMoor, Principal at Willowdale Christian School

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Johanna Carrey

“Every single church needs to have this man as a mandatory speaker. #walkingwounded in our churches need his message.” ~Cheryl Rowe-Mouland
Youth Director, Bradford, Ontario

Paul Braddy

“Brett has a unique ability to address some very sensitive topics in a way which is truly heard and absorbed by people from all different Christian traditions, ages and walks of life.” ~David Paisley
Elmira Youth Network

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Johanna Carrey

“Brett's honesty about his own personal journey and his ability to hammer home a biblical, relevant discussion on media, faith and culture has inspired our congregation to hear and see what they listen to and watch through a lens of truth. You need him in your church."Kevin Furtney
Lead Pastor First Baptist Timmins

Paul Braddy

“The message was powerful and the impact substantial. We are already making plans for Part II next year.” Wes Merta. Assistant Principal.
Strathcona Christian Academy

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