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The Walking Wounded - Take Home

Depression and Anxiety

Dr. Lin - On Why Psycology is Biblical

A Holy Experience - What Christians need to know about Mental Health

The Agenda - Michael Landsburg - Happy on the Outside

The Agenda - Depression: An Illness like any Other?

Panic Away Program - www.panicaway.com

Panic Away Video - How to Stop a Panic Attack

Panic Puzzle Program -http://panicpuzzle.com/

Globe and Mail - Clara huges conquers the dark weight of depression 

Passion City Church - Fear and Anxiety Part 1

Zoella - Dealing with Panic Attacks and Anxiety

Rebekah Lyons - My Take: Let’s stop keeping mental illness a secret

Carlos Whittaker - My Panic Attacks, My Mental Illness, and the Church's Dirty Little Secret

Charlie Hoehn - How I cured my anxiety

Kevin Breel - Confessions of a Depressed Comic

Pastor Thomas Nelson - A Christian Looks at Depression

Animation - I had a Black Dog, his name was depression

Margarita Tartakovsky - The Biggest Lessons I've Learned from Managing Anxiety

Kat Kinsman - 10 Things we learned about surviving anxiety (CNN)

Jamie Tworkowski - Depression and desire (Ted Talk)

Perry Noble - Overwhelmed: a series on Stress, Anxiety and Depression

Perry Noble - Should Christians Take Medications for Depression

Andrew Solomon - Depression, the secret we share (Ted Talk, no faith in his talk but great material)

Madeline Vann - How to End a Panic Attack

Andy Merrick - "I Know"


My blog on 13 Reasons Why - Click Here



Converge - Rick Warren and Mental Illness

Mary Glenn - In the Aftermath of Suicide: Healing Communities Heal

Mary Glenn - In the Aftermath of Suicide (part 2) Working Towards Prevention

Rick and Kay Warren - How we are Getting Through (7 sermons)

Carla Fine - No Time to Say Goodbye (book)

Beverly Cobain & Jean Larch - Dying to be Free: A Healing Guide for Famiolies after a Suicide

Eating Disorders

Kasey Edwards - When your mother says she's fat

Hope Avenue - How to Talk to Your Daughter about Her Body


Dr. Merry Lin - Living with Abuse

Dr. Dan A. Allender (book) - The Wounded Heart: Hope for Adult Victims of Childhood Sexual Abuse

Laura Davis (book) - The Courage to Heal: A Guide for Women Survivors of Child Sexual Abuse

Dena Rosenbloom - Life After Trauma

Burnout & Breakdown

Carey  Nieuwhof - 9 sings your burning out in Leadership

Carey - Nieuwhof - How I recovered from Burn Out: 12 Keys to getting back

Faith and and the "Dark Night of the Soul"

Nicole Unice - What to Remember when God is Silent

Chuck Colsen - My Soul's Dark Night

Lesa Engelthaler - Growing in the Dark

Chris R. Armstrong - A History of Darkness

John Ortberg - When God seems Far Away

Tim Chermak - Coming Through the Dark Night of the Soul

Relevant - Dark Night of the Soul

Other Resources

Sanctus Real (Music Video) - I'm Not Alright

Skylar Grey (Music Video) - Invisible

Cornall Research - Self Injurious Behavior 

Educators and Self Injury - The Missing Manuel to Understanding and Dealing with Students who Self Injure

Toronto Star - Mental Health Top Issues Facing Schools

McLeans - The Broken Generation

TWLOHA - To Write Love on Her Arms

Mercy Ministries - mercyministries.ca 

Debra Feleta - When you can't pray the Prain Away: Why do so many Christians see counselling as a last resort?

Amy Simpson - 8 Lessons Concerning Mental Illness

Brad Hambrick - The Role of Language in Mental Illness

Leanne Penny - How to help a hurting friend

Jayson Bradley - 3 Phrases Christians Should Quite Relying on

Michael Hyatt - Seven better questions to ask in the middle of Adversity

Michael Hidalgo - Yes, God will give you more than you can handle. 


Perry Noble - Should Christians Take Medications for Mental Illness

Counselling One Another - 36 Reasons of God in our Suffering



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Johanna Carrey

“Every single church needs to have this man as a mandatory speaker. #walkingwounded in our churches need his message.” ~Cheryl Rowe-Mouland
Youth Director, Bradford, Ontario

Paul Braddy

“Brett has a unique ability to address some very sensitive topics in a way which is truly heard and absorbed by people from all different Christian traditions, ages and walks of life.” ~David Paisley
Elmira Youth Network

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Johanna Carrey

“Brett's honesty about his own personal journey and his ability to hammer home a biblical, relevant discussion on media, faith and culture has inspired our congregation to hear and see what they listen to and watch through a lens of truth. You need him in your church."Kevin Furtney
Lead Pastor First Baptist Timmins

Paul Braddy

“The message was powerful and the impact substantial. We are already making plans for Part II next year.” Wes Merta. Assistant Principal.
Strathcona Christian Academy

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